Crystals of Gaia

Episode 2: Of Beholders and Knights

The adventurers were asked by King Kareth to travel to the temple of Bahamut they had initially set out for, before the attack by Garland, they had need of the heroes’ assistance. It took the heroes only a few hours to reach the temple where it was requested that they be teleported to the Kingdom of Mysidia and look into things there as all contact had been lost with them for a few days.
The heroes agreed to help, however something happened during the teleportation and they ended up in some unknown place immediately set upon by a beholder. They fought the beast off and waited a few hours before they were suddenly teleported again, this time successfully to Mysidia. Apparently some of the mages there had noticed the failed teleport and found their locations and saved them.
All was not well in the kingdom though, the city was under attack by the Kingdom of Baron, completely unprovoked. The mages requested the heroes protect the crystal the kingdom guarded, shortly before they were slain by invaders. The heroes battled their way to the crystal chamber and were confronted by General Leo Cristophe. He offered to spare them should they just hand over the crystal, but the heroes stood vigilant. The battle was fierce and the heroes emerged victorious, however Leo seemed unharmed after the battle and was able to capture the crystal. As he left, he told the group they fought valiantly and even threw a worn out crystal to Ember, telling her to use it well.



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