Crystals of Gaia

Episode 3: The Perplexed Ferryman

The heroes had failed to protect the Crystal of Water from being stolen by General Leo and had begun to help the kingdom recover. During this time the leader of Mysidia, Tellah returned from his travels. He was saddened, but did not seem very surprised. He found the heroes and spoke to them immediately, telling them that something was amiss in the Kingdom of Baron. He told the heroes that they must go to Baron and find out what was going on.
Tellah told them of a ferryman who would be willing to take them to the island Baron was located on. The group met up with him and they began their voyage, unfortunately they were ambushed by crabmen and the ship crashed on a deserted island. The island was not as deserted as it seemed though, there were beautiful women there that turned out to be deadly dryads. The group fought the creatures off and shortly after spotted a ship heading in their direction.



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