Crystals of Gaia

Episode 4: Ships, Boats, and Flying Boats

The heroes flagged down the ship and came aboard, only to be captured by a small army of orcs who had captured the ship from its previous crew. Showing their fierceness, they abandoned the boat they were brought up to the ship on and its helpless oarman. The group was bound and put belowdeck, but promptly escaped and laid waste to the orcs on the deck, escaping the ship shortly before the other orcs were able to sink the ship. They were able to make it to the small boat thanks to the oarman, who had been hit with an arrow, however he died, sparking a sadness in Orn.
They traveled toward the Kingdom of Baron in the boat and eventually caught sight of land, however they were assailed by sea zombies. The group was able to fend them off and made it into a cave leading further inland, where a crazy old man attacked them.
After slaying the old man the group proceeded through the cave, with the only problem being Orn rolling into the underground river, however they regrouped outside the cave. In the small town of Freeport, the group found a dwarf pilot that was willing to take them to Castle Baron in his airship at no cost, however once in the hangar, the heroes found there to be soldiers of Baron blocking the way in, they slew them and made their way onto the ship.



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