Crystals of Gaia

Episode 7: Damcyan's Lost Crystal

The group made the castle of Damcyan home for a week, making the best of their time there. At the end of that week, a loud crash was heard from the prison and the heroes went to investigate as the king went to defend the crystal. The enemy had tunneled their way into the underground castle and were attacking the prison. The heroes fought them off and explored down the tunnel, where they encountered an intelligent and not-so-friendly tembo named Ochoa, who retreated during the battle. The heroes continued on and emerged outside the castle, surrounded by a battalion of foes. The battle was intense, but the heroes survived, but to their dismay the castle began to rise. They returned quickly to find a wounded Edgar in the throne room, he explained to them that an extremely powerful foe had managed to get inside and steal the crystal.



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