Strong-willed pyromancer from an icy land


Staff of Fiery Might Lvl 2/7 Uncommon
Staff of Draconic Power Lvl 5/10 Uncommon
Robe of Eyes Lvl 2/7 Uncommon
Acrobat’s Boots Lvl 2 Uncommon
Burning Gauntlets Lvl 6 Uncommon
Reading Spectacles Lvl 2 Uncommon
Cloak of the Walking Wounded Lvl 4/9 Uncommon
Bag of Holding Lvl 5 Uncommon
Floating Lantern Lvl 3 Uncommon
Power Jewel Lvl 5 Uncommon


Once named Levantera Boreas, only daughter of Arram Boreas, ruler of Wintera. Raised to be an ice mage, she rebelled against her father when he left the man she loved, an adventurer named Calder Moore, to die at the hands of the Formian giants in the Feywild. Calder and his adventuring company had come to offer aid to the Eladrin in the fight against the giants in a bid to end the war, but Arram was too proud to accept the help of another race and after weeks of talks and plans, locked the group outside the city while it was in the Feywild. The were soon attacked by a Formian raiding party and the fight moved into the icy forest out of sight. Levantera was so angry and frustrated with her father that she abandoned her home and magic and fled to the real world, learning pyromancy and changing her name to Ember in rebellion against her father and his destructive pride.

She now travels with an adventuring party herself, strengthening her magic and gaining allies to aid her in ending the war once and for all and avenge Calder.

Her childhood friend and bodyguard, Anastrianna Starfall, is currently tracking her down, though whether to drag her back home or aid her is unknown.


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