Kivan Ajantis

Resistance Fighter looking for Allies


Bracers of Archery 6 uncommon
Dread Longbow 8 uncommon
Vicious Longbow 2/7 common
Inescapable Weapon 3/8 Uncommon
Boots of Eagerness 9 uncommon
Coif of Mindiron 8 uncommon
Cloak of Distortion 4/9 uncommon
Steadfast Amulet 8 uncommon
Diamond Cincture 10 uncommon
Endless Quiver 9 Uncommon
Lifeblood Hide Armor 5/10 uncommon
Healer’s Hide Armor 5/10 uncommon
Anakore Hide Armor 4/9 common


Kivan Ajantis was born into an elven and human kingdom far to the west. Kivan joined the military like his father when he was of age and joined the Kingdom of Mulhorand’s struggle against the ogre armies of Tazok, their chieftain. Kivan was there at the Battle of Milvian Bridge where the armies of the Kingdom were routed and Kivan’s father was killed. Kivan joined the King’s Resistance and quickly became a master at planning and executing raids against Tazok’s supply lines and outposts and a trusted advisor of the elf King Coran. The resistance came to a head at the Battle of Mons Graupius and Tazok forced the king and his now meager army to evacuate to the Caradoc Mountains. Kivan left the king’s service after the battle to find external support for his King. He has every intent on returning and rejoining the resistance whether or not his quest is successful. Kivan recently arrived in Coneria with little to his name other than his trusty bow and his skills.

Kivan Ajantis

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