Orn Silit

Ex-slave now Silver Paladin


Magic Plate 1/6 C
Black Iron Plate 4/9 C
Hero’s Plate 2/7 U

Magic Weapon 1/6 C
Defensive Weapon 2/7 C
Resounding Weapon 2/7 U
Sunblade 4/9 U

Bracers of Mighty Striking 2 C
Shield of Deflection 2 C
Battleforged Shield 4 U
Storm Shield 8 U

Amulet of Protection 1/6 C
Amulet of Physical Resolve 2/7 C
Amulet of Health 3/8 C
Brooch of Shielding 3/8 U
Collar of Recovery 4/9 C

Belt of Vigor 2 C
Acrobats Boots 2 C
Boots of Quickness 8 C
Gauntlets of Ogre Power 5 U
Circlet of Second Chances 3 U
Circlet of indomitability 8 C
Fey Blessed Circlet 8 C
Bag of Holding 5
Battle Standard of Healing 3
Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade 9


Orn Silit

Crystals of Gaia Nail