Crystals of Gaia

Episode 1: Your Princess is in My Castle

A group of five intrepid adventurers were assembled in the hall of King Kareth, ruler of all the Kingdom of Coneria to recieve orders to escort the King’s most precious treasure to the temple of Bahamut. Not long after the wagon set off from Coneria, an ambush waylaid the party and the female driver of the wagon was kidnapped with all of the valuable gold left behind. The heroes quickly discovered that the gold was all fake and that the real treasure was the driver herself. A ring found at the scene of the crime revealed her to be the Princess Sarah.

The heroes tracked the kidnappers to a seemingly abandoned castle where they were attacked by insidious traps and goblin kidnappers with a trained jelly that tried to consume the heroes in its acidic embrace. The next room revealed a tragic sight. Princess Sarah was unconscious at an altar, ready for some terrible machinations at the hand of a huge human named Garland. He attacked the heroes as they surrounded his altar in an attempt to save the princess. It was a hard and trying fight as several heroes fell to Garland’s gargantuan sword. Garland eventually fled when the heroes seemed to gain the upper hand thanks to the clever healing skills of the party and the strong martial prowess of Krusk. Princess Sarah was returned to life and used her powerful town portal spell to send the survivors back to the capital to receive their reward and next quest from King Kareth.

CRYSTAL POINT: Orn Silit leaping dramatically in the way of a fatal blow to Krusk and falling himself to guarantee the party’s success.


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