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  • Kingdom of Baron

    Baron is located on the most north-eastern island of the [[Dominion Islands | Dominion Islands]]. The kingdom is ruled by the much loved Emperor [[:golbez | Golbez]]. The kingdom is home to the [[Crystal of Fire]].

  • Crystal of Fire

    This crystal controls the primal fires of the earth, ranging from magma to wildfires. The crystal is enshrined in the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. *ITEM* Wonderous Item Property: +2 Arcana Powers: Daily - Fire - Close Burst 10 - Minor …

  • Freeport

    Freeport is a port town located on the southern edge of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. The town used to be one of the most thriving economical points on Gaia, however, recent events have begun to dwindle the trade in the town.

  • Castle Baron

    Castle Baron is the capitol of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. It is here that [[:golbez | Golbez]] rules the kingdom from and also houses most of his army and his trusted advisors and generals.

  • General Leo Cristophe

    Leo is one of the generals of the military forces of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. He is known far and wide for his kind and caring nature, but is known better for his fierceness on the battlefield. The heroes encountered Leo in the [[ …

  • Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh is known as the mad General of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. He tends to lead the troops into the direct confrontations. Unlike [[:general-leo-cristophe | General Leo Cristophe]], Gilgamesh will not stop to give opponents a …

  • Kain Highwind

    Kain is the general of the recon branch of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. He generally follows his orders to the letter, never taking the time to consider the repercussions of his actions.

  • Golbez

    Golbez is the emperor of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. During his rule, the kingdom has entered a time of great prosperity. He has had few campaigns of war and only did those few for purposes that made sense to all. Generally known as …

  • Harvel Freesky

    Harvel owns one of the few civilian airships in the lands and somehow does a good job maintaining his business. He offered to fly the characters to Baron for no charge, since he has personal reasons for wanting to see the current ruler fall.

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