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  • Crystal of Lightning

    This crystal maintains the forces of storms. If this crystal should ever be lost eventually the skies will shower lightning upon the land. The crystal currently located in the [[Kingdom of Damcyan | Kingdom of Damcyan]] *ITEM* Wonderous Item …

  • Kingdom of Damcyan

    Damcyan is located south of the [[Kingdom of Mulhorand | Kingdom of Mulhorand]]. The kingdom is one of prosperity and is known as the kingdom of love due to its abundance of bards and other charismatic sorts. The kingdom is home to the [[Crystal of …

  • Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar is currently the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Damcyan | Kingdom of Damcyan]]. He is known as a versatile fighter and a ladies man. He is constantly trying to get with most all women he meets, but deep down has a much larger love for his kingdom.

  • Ochoa

    Tembo the group met in the underground of the [[Kingdom of Damcyan | Kingdom of Damcyan]]. Displayed great age and wisdom during their fight with him and he honored them with a chance at life before leaving the battle.

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