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  • Crystal of Earth

    The crystal of earth controls the primal essence of Gaia. When the crystal was stolen, earthquakes shook the land and the land itself began to decay. The crystal is currently located in the [[Kingdom of Doma | Kingdom of Doma]]. *ITEM* Wonderous …

  • Kingdom of Doma

    Doma is located north of the [[Kingdom of Terakal | Kingdom of Terakal]]. The kingdom is home to very noble and valiant people. Some call the military troops of this land samurai or kensai. The kingdom is currently home to the [[Crystal of Earth | …

  • Cyan Garamonde

    Cyan is currently the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Doma | Kingdom of Doma]]. His rule has been one of peace, only taking up arms when attacked by wild beasts or raiders. He has a wife and a child that he loves very much.

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