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  • Kingdom of Fabul

    Fabul is located on an island east of the [[Kingdom of Aladesh | Kingdom of Aladesh]]. The kingdom is inhabited mostly by monks and priests, those devoted to the gods. The kingdom is home to the [[Crystal of Wind | Crystal of Wind]].

  • Crystal of Wind

    The crystal of wind controls the power of the air. When this crystal was stolen, tornadoes and hurricanes ravaged the land. The new crystal is located in the [[Kingdom of Fabul | Kingdom of Fabul]]. *ITEM* Wonderous Item Property: +2 Streetwise …

  • Yang Fang Leiden

    Yang is the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Fabul | Kingdom of Fabul]]. He is a humble, peace loving monk. He rules the kingdom with a strong heart and thus is greatly loved by its citizens.

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