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  • Kivan Ajantis

    Kivan Ajantis was born into an elven and human kingdom far to the west. Kivan joined the military like his father when he was of age and joined the [[Kingdom of Mulhorand]]’s struggle against the ogre armies of [[:tazok | Tazok]], their chieftain. Kivan …

  • General Leo Cristophe

    Leo is one of the generals of the military forces of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. He is known far and wide for his kind and caring nature, but is known better for his fierceness on the battlefield. The heroes encountered Leo in the [[ …

  • Gilgamesh

    Gilgamesh is known as the mad General of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. He tends to lead the troops into the direct confrontations. Unlike [[:general-leo-cristophe | General Leo Cristophe]], Gilgamesh will not stop to give opponents a …

  • Kain Highwind

    Kain is the general of the recon branch of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. He generally follows his orders to the letter, never taking the time to consider the repercussions of his actions.

  • Golbez

    Golbez is the emperor of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. During his rule, the kingdom has entered a time of great prosperity. He has had few campaigns of war and only did those few for purposes that made sense to all. Generally known as …

  • Kefka Palazzo

    Kefka was formerly a student of the mages in the [[Kingdom of Mysidia | Kingdom of Mysidia]], however the great sage [[:tellah | Tellah]] saw in him great evil. Due to this, they sent him back to his home in the [[Kingdom of Aladesh | Kingdom of Aladesh …

  • Tellah

    Tellah is one of the most powerful arcanists ever. He has mastered most forms of magic and uses them wisely. Currently he is the leader of the [[Kingdom of Mysidia | Kingdom of Mysidia]].

  • Cyan Garamonde

    Cyan is currently the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Doma | Kingdom of Doma]]. His rule has been one of peace, only taking up arms when attacked by wild beasts or raiders. He has a wife and a child that he loves very much.

  • Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar is currently the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Damcyan | Kingdom of Damcyan]]. He is known as a versatile fighter and a ladies man. He is constantly trying to get with most all women he meets, but deep down has a much larger love for his kingdom.

  • Yang Fang Leiden

    Yang is the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Fabul | Kingdom of Fabul]]. He is a humble, peace loving monk. He rules the kingdom with a strong heart and thus is greatly loved by its citizens.

  • Gestahl

    Gestahl served with [[:armando-ploukes | Armando Ploukes]] for a few years on [[The Free Elf | The Free Elf]] up until the incident which caused Armando to lose the ship. Afterwards he found Armando a job as a ferryman and stayed in contact until Armando …

  • Tabitha

    Tabitha was rescued in Mulhorand by the heroes. She was fleeing with the rebels when they became separated and she was set upon by owlbears. Tabitha later revealed herself to be a were-owlbear matriarch seeking revenge for slaying some of her …

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