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  • Kingdom of Wintera

    The kingdom of Wintera is a cold place, located on what seems to be a large glacier. There is no government in the land as there is no actual capital city. However, on each solstice, a wondrous city appears from the Feywild and acts as the seat of power …

  • Bog of Ice

    Frozen swamp on the southern end of the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]]. It is rumored that the swamp was formed by an evil witch to protect her home of [[Winterhaunt | Winterhaunt]] from intruders.

  • Winterhaunt

    Large manor on the southern end of the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]]. Surrounded by the [[Bog of Ice | Bog of Ice]], it is said to be the home of an evil witch.

  • Castle Wintera

    The capital of the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]]. It only appears for one week every year on the winter solstice, though it has been know to appear at other times if needs demands it.

  • Elegar Tundra

    Icy tundra located between [[Icecap Peak | Icecap Peak]] and [[Castle Wintera | Castle Wintera]]. Not much lives in the area, but that which does is to be feared.

  • Icecap Peak

    It is said that if you climb to the top of the tallest mountain in the world, you can speak directly to the gods. I think its just hogwash, but many a soul have been claimed by that mountain trying to prove my line of thinking wrong. -Mysidian Sage

  • Frozen Hills

    These rolling, icy hills are located between [[Icecap Peak | Icecap Peak]] and the town of [[Winterhaven | Winterhaven]]. Travelers have been known to get lost in the hills and are never seen or heard from again, though it is not certain if they have …

  • Winterhaven

    Winterhaven acts as the primary seat of power for the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]]. The town is run by [[:aram | King Aram]]'s half-sister [[:erondre | Erondre]]. The city itself is located on the southern end of the island, with the [[ …

  • Icicle

    This very small town on the south-east end of the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]] is home to mostly farmers. By some strange means they are capable of growing crop in the frozen lands of the kingdom.

  • Lake Everfreeze

    That lake, well it's been frozen for thousands of years, maybe longer. Frozen all the way to the bottom, heck, I don't even know why they call it a lake. -[[:harvel-freesky | Harvel Freesky]]

  • Ember

    Once named Levantera Boreas, only daughter of Arram Boreas, ruler of Wintera. Raised to be an ice mage, she rebelled against her father when he left the man she loved, an adventurer named Calder Moore, to die at the hands of the Formian giants in the …

  • Aram

    Aram is the current ruler of the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]]. His castle only comes into the mortal realm for a few days a year, where he oversees the well-being of his kingdom. His daughter, [[:ember | Ember]], recently fled the castle …

  • Erondre

    [[:aram | King Aram]]'s half-sister and the aunt of [[:ember | Ember]], she is the mayor of [[Winterhaven | Winterhaven]]. [[:aram | Aram]]'s father had a child with one of his human servants and the resulting child was frowned upon by the nobility of …

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