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  • King Coran

    King Coran was selected as king by the ruling council of the [[Kingdom of Mulhorand | Kingdom of Mulhorand]] three years ago. Not long after his coronation, [[:tazok | Tazok]]'s armies crossed the border and the peaceful king was forced to go to war. …

  • Golbez

    Golbez is the emperor of the [[Kingdom of Baron | Kingdom of Baron]]. During his rule, the kingdom has entered a time of great prosperity. He has had few campaigns of war and only did those few for purposes that made sense to all. Generally known as …

  • Kefka Palazzo

    Kefka was formerly a student of the mages in the [[Kingdom of Mysidia | Kingdom of Mysidia]], however the great sage [[:tellah | Tellah]] saw in him great evil. Due to this, they sent him back to his home in the [[Kingdom of Aladesh | Kingdom of Aladesh …

  • Tellah

    Tellah is one of the most powerful arcanists ever. He has mastered most forms of magic and uses them wisely. Currently he is the leader of the [[Kingdom of Mysidia | Kingdom of Mysidia]].

  • Cyan Garamonde

    Cyan is currently the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Doma | Kingdom of Doma]]. His rule has been one of peace, only taking up arms when attacked by wild beasts or raiders. He has a wife and a child that he loves very much.

  • Edgar Roni Figaro

    Edgar is currently the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Damcyan | Kingdom of Damcyan]]. He is known as a versatile fighter and a ladies man. He is constantly trying to get with most all women he meets, but deep down has a much larger love for his kingdom.

  • Yang Fang Leiden

    Yang is the ruler of the [[Kingdom of Fabul | Kingdom of Fabul]]. He is a humble, peace loving monk. He rules the kingdom with a strong heart and thus is greatly loved by its citizens.

  • Aram

    Aram is the current ruler of the [[Kingdom of Wintera | Kingdom of Wintera]]. His castle only comes into the mortal realm for a few days a year, where he oversees the well-being of his kingdom. His daughter, [[:ember | Ember]], recently fled the castle …

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