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  • Crystal Wars

    Over 3000 years ago, the crystals that are said to keep Gaia alive were stolen from their hidden temples and scattered about the world. This even caused Gaia to erupt into chaos, causing earthquakes, plagues, famine, droughts, and other catastrophes. …

  • The Darkening

    Centuries after the [[Crystal Wars | Crystal Wars]] ended, the crystals suddenly lost their light and fell to the ground in their respective kingdoms. The world once again began to tremble and nearly fell apart. One day a champion bathed in light …

  • Kingdom of Fabul

    Fabul is located on an island east of the [[Kingdom of Aladesh | Kingdom of Aladesh]]. The kingdom is inhabited mostly by monks and priests, those devoted to the gods. The kingdom is home to the [[Crystal of Wind | Crystal of Wind]].

  • Crystal of Wind

    The crystal of wind controls the power of the air. When this crystal was stolen, tornadoes and hurricanes ravaged the land. The new crystal is located in the [[Kingdom of Fabul | Kingdom of Fabul]]. *ITEM* Wonderous Item Property: +2 Streetwise …

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