Crystals of Gaia

Episode 8: Journey to Wintera

The party returned to Mulhorand at Kivan’s request, so that he could join his people in their battle against Tazok. Before leaving Damcyan, King Edgar offered them the aid of one of his knights, Balasar. With the aid of their new ally they returned Kivan home and proceeded to Mysidia.

During the flight Tabitha, whom they agreed to allow travel with them, revealed herself to be a mighty Were-Owlbear Matriarch. She attacked the group and nearly defeated, however they prevailed and she was forced to flee to her own airship which was waiting nearby.

In Mysidia the group learned that Kefka’s plan was most likely to use the crystals to do something with the legendary city Midgar. Tellah instructed the group to go to Wintera while he did research on this.

The group landed at the town Winterhaven, where they went to meet Ember’s aunt, Erondre. She told them it would be another week or so before the castle reappeared in the mortal realm and asked for their assistance with a task. Recently there have been disappearances and unusual happenings and the rumor is that someone or something has taken residence in Winterhaunt, the mansion to the south-east. The town of Icicle was the hardest hit, so the group decided to head there first.



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